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What typical restaurants, food delivery services, and/or takeout options are popular among expatriates?

There's an online food delivery service (Food Panda) that's really popular. Georgian food is delicious, but unfortunately, most of the restaurants are really smoky. We eat out way more in the summer, because we can sit outside. Non-smoking restaurants are definitely becoming more popular, thankfully.

There's one good Thai place and one good pizza place. There are some fancy Georgian restaurants that are smoke free. Our favorite place is a hole-in-the-wall shawarma place (that also sells all other Georgian food, depending on who the cook is that day). It's really cheap and everyone is incredibly friendly. You just have to shower as soon as you get home. Georgian wine is really popular and usually really good (the house wine, which you can buy by the liter, is always hit or miss--it's been both the best and the worst wine I've had). There are a couple of new non-smoking bars (!!!) and just a couple weeks ago, a new brewery (!!!!!) opened. Restaurants do tend to come and go. - Apr 10, 2017

Lots of great Georgian food and restaurants. - Feb 14, 2017
They just built a McDonald's across the street from the Embassy-meh. There are so many good local choices available, why fast food? - May 1, 2016
Georgian food was fabulous. Khinghali, chatchapuri, Georgian salad, shashlik, and kebabs. Our favorites spots were the Mill, Tartine, Pregos, and sadly my boys liked McDonalds. - Jul 17, 2014
Georgians tend to eat Georgian food at home, so when they go out, they want something different. This translates to little in the way of good Georgian restaurant options, and generally mediocre and somewhat overpriced foreign food. Vake has the best selection of restaurants (including Thai, Chinese, Italian, and Vietnamese), where dinner runs USD$20-30 per meal). There are two McDonalds in Tbilisi with prices similar to the U. S. There are quite a few places serving inexpensive khachapuri (cheese pie) in storefronts on the street, though in general Georgia does not have much in the way of street food. Excellent, inexpensive gelato is availabe at Luca Polare, with locations on U.N. Circle and in the Old City. There is a new American restaurant, Loft, in Vake, that serves good-value, authentic burgers for around USD$11. - Oct 31, 2011
Ronnys Pizza, New York Burgers, Texas Chicken, McDonald's. Plenty of ethnic restaurants. You won't go hungry here!!!! - Sep 24, 2011
McDonald's and Texas Chicken at USA prices. Georgian restaurants are all over and are very good and cheap. I like the restaurants from the restaurant group MGROUP, particularly Two Side. - Apr 27, 2011
McDonald's is here. They also have Georgian "fast food". They have some great restaurants in the Old City and Vake. - Jun 9, 2010
Only 3 McDonald's fast food restaurants. But other restaurants are pretty decent. There is at least one restaurant of every variety I can think of that was decent -- except Mexican and Indian. Thai and Chinese were also very good and pretty cheap. - Oct 12, 2009
McDonald's had two stores and was opening a few more. I ate there about three times. Disgusting. Cabbage on my Big Mac?!?! Reasonable cost. There were a few good pizza places but the quality was never consistent. It was like pulling teeth to get them to deliver out by the Embassy. - Jan 27, 2009