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What are some interesting/fun things to do in the area? Can you recommend any “hidden gems"?

Museums downtown (I like the museum of Soviet Occupation a lot myself). Kasbegi near the Russian border to the north. Msketa wine country to the east. There is a lot of fun things to do here. We went as a group on rented Ultimate Terrain vehicles (Polaris 1000 Razor) almost 100 miles through the high desert with a local guide last year. I would love to do it again! Also skiing, parasailing, hiking, historical tours, etc.... - May 1, 2016
We loved to walk around downtown, visit the dry bridge for art and antiques, go to the Turkish baths, eat out, and visit one of the many local ice cream shops. - Jul 17, 2014
Weekend day or overnight trips (many interesting locales are located within a few hours' drive of Tbilisi), and visiting local historical sights in Tbilisi(the fortress, historic churches, etc). In summer, Tbilisi Sea (a large lake on the edge of the city) is popular for swimming. - Oct 31, 2011
Site seeing, visiting museums, watching Georgian dance troupes, going to movies (some offered in English), hiking, and skiing. - Sep 24, 2011
Visiting historical sites, mountains and rivers. Georgia has an interesting culture and cuisine. The wine is mostly awful, apart from 2 or 3 Moldovan wines. Wine from the Balkans is much better and suitable for western tastes. - Apr 27, 2011
Supras, wine tasting, touring the varied regions of Georgia. If you sit home every weekend, then you are not experiencing Georgia. It's great for those who love the outdoors. - Jun 9, 2010
Skiing is cheap and only 2 hours away. Good stuff, too. Austrians installed a new lift (#7) in 2008. Hiking/trail running/camping is pretty decent and generally safe if you keep an eye out for the dogs. Lots of history available in the country. Castles and ancient history are accessible downtown and throughout the country. Stalin was born in Georgia, where there are some interesting things to do. The Black Sea has a pretty decent resort. The tallest mountain of Europe (famous for the 7-summits) is on the Russian side of the border in the Caucasus Mountains. Other mountaineering options exist in Georgia to get you over 16,000 ft. Many guides are available. - Oct 12, 2009
Get out of Tbilisi and just start driving. Drive anywhere. Talk to villagers. Ask them to show you their city. - Jan 27, 2009