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Quality pet care available (vets & kennels)?

There is a dog walker that is frequently used by embassy employees; he also occasionally boards dogs. The local dog shelter boards pet dogs for a reasonable fee, though facilities are basic. Vets get mixed reviews; ask around for recommendations. - Oct 31, 2011
NOT quality, but there is pet care available. Locals are not as patient-friendly as they are in the USA -- very rough manner with animals. - Sep 24, 2011
Yes, everywhere. - Apr 27, 2011
Adequate pet care is available. It certainly is not as pristine as you will find in more advanced countries. There are no kennels. Bring dog/cat treats and dog/cat food. Although they have limited amounts here, the quality is not known. Most people order their food and treats online. - Jun 9, 2010
Yes. Some well-trained vets really do care about dogs, and you can get high quality food in town. It may or may not be authentic, though. - Oct 12, 2009