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Morale among expats:

Good! The traffic and periodic frustrations of post-Soviet life sometimes put a damper on morale, but in general expats enjoy living in Georgia. The fact that flights tend to depart and arrive in the middle of the night make getting away for weekends virtually impossible unfortunately. - Oct 31, 2011
Seem as though most everyone is happy here. - Sep 24, 2011
high. - Apr 27, 2011
Morale is good, but can definitely be affected by taking a short drive. Embassy community is friendly. Many families with kids. - Jun 9, 2010
High. Lots of stuff to do. Friendly folks. - Oct 12, 2009
Depends on your attitude. The Embassy had a toxic morale problem when we arrived. But the country as a whole was improving and the changes were visible on the street--people were not wearing as much black, streets were cleaner, etc. I don't know what it's like after the war in August 2008. - Jan 27, 2009