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What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

No one has ever heard of Gabon so you'll be living in a place that is relatively unheard of except those who saw Survivor Gabon a few years ago. Much of the jungles in this country are literally untouched and unexplored and are stunningly beautiful if you have the time and money to get out. The city of Libreville is quite laid back and crime is low so you'll get to experience West Africa but in a much smaller city. - Jul 23, 2014
The city is quite small and activities are limited. We found a good group of British and American expats and our company has been helpful in developing friendships. There are some restaurants in town that make for a lovely evening. Point Denis is a beautiful beach 30 minutes across the bay from Libreville. Gabon has numerous national parks with West African wildlife. It's a bit of a challenge to get to the parks, but an enjoyable experience once you get there. - Oct 24, 2013
Experiencing African culture. Meeting a lot of great expats from all over the world. Beautiful beaches outside of Libreville. Wild life such as elephants, hippos, monkeys, buffalo, etc. - Apr 12, 2012
Beaches & ocean; nature & animals; most embassy houses have an ocean view; great restaurants; slow pace of life - Aug 3, 2011
The restuarnts are top notch. Its a very safe place to live. Some safari options. - Jul 16, 2010