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Knowing what you know now, would you still move to this city?

Probably not...I need a city with a little more to do. - Jul 23, 2014
Although we are glad we visited, we need someplace a little more exciting. Probably not. - Oct 24, 2013
Sure. Great things to see and do. We were here with two young kids for two years and it was perfect. I am ready for a change but I will really miss it here. - Apr 12, 2012
Yes! Definitely. But I returned with our 2-month-old daughter and the malaria risk was very stressful on me. She was so little that the thought of putting her on an anti-malarial drug bothered me (CDC recommends a minimum weight of 22 pounds for using malarone), and the chance of malaria kept her in doors for the last few months of our tour. I would try to stay clear of malaria zones with a newborn. - Aug 3, 2011
Yes. It is safe. Life is at a slow pace, but not hard. - Jul 16, 2010