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This truly is a safe, clean, and a fun country. People keep to themselves or will open up to you in the friendliest way. It's one extreme or the other in Finland, from weather to socializing. - Jul 19, 2012
This is a great place to visit, but living here can be expensive. Someone once described living in Finland as like living in Canada: at times you forget you're living in a foreign country. The Finns are great when you get to know them; however, that can take some time and effort. - Jan 23, 2011
This is not the most exciting place for tourists, but it is a wonderful place to live. Once you make a Finnish friend, they are a friend for life. - May 9, 2010
I have found Finland to be a great place. However, you do have be able to deal with the long hours of sunlight in the summer and the long hours of darkness in the winter. - Apr 4, 2009 and are good sites to check out and learn about Finnish culture and lifestyle. - Mar 26, 2008