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What have been the highlights of your time in this country? Best trips or experiences?

Great Winter and Summer sports (skiing and cycling). Moose hunting was a new experience for me. Very fun. The meat is plentiful and delicious. Very pedestrian and bicycle friendly. Going to Lapland for camping, snowmobiling, and dog-sledding north of the Arctic Circle. Spending the night in a hotel made completely of ice. Taking the cruise from Helsinki to Stockholm was very entertaining.

Liking snow is a must! Learning to cross-country ski was an addicting recreational hobby. It is great exercise. Every Finn from ages 6-70 participates in this activity. Every home or apartment has a sauna. The Finns invented the sauna. It is a great recreational and social activity. Many Finns host Sauna parties. Sauna for 10 minutes,followed by rolling outside in the snow, is a repeating process that goes on for hours. It sounds crazy, but it feels great and it has many health benefits. - Jul 19, 2012
The people. Finns are great. Traveling around Finland, seeing a moose. - Jan 23, 2011
Friendly people, although you might have to make the first move. Beautiful seaside scenery. Reindeer and Santa Claus - May 9, 2010