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Are there problems with ethnic or religious prejudices? Gender equality?

Overall, No. However, there are some isolated cases of general stereotyping and racism toward blacked-skinned nationalities and Gypsies. There is a very large ethnic Somali and misc. African community in Helsinki. Finns sometimes are biased about these dark-skinned nationalities. In addition, there is a large ethnic Gypsy population in Finland. Gypsies are frowned because of their reputation for being swindlers, con artists, and thieves. Although not every story is true, many Gypsies are glared upon at a distance with great disdain. Gypsies women are very noticeable by the traditional ethnic clothing which they wear in public. (Large traditional "bustle dresses." Almost look like "Ye Olde English Tavern Maids.") Men are harder to notice, but tend to wear an exaggerated amount of overt jewelry and have Eurasian/Mediterranean facial features. Don't be surprised if you are standing next to Finn when they see a Gypsy, and they tell you "to watch your wallet." - Jul 19, 2012
Nope. - Jan 23, 2011
Not much with religion or gender prejudices. But there are definitely some racial tensions with African and recent Roma immigrants. There are also still issues with the Romas that have lived here for generations. I have also seen clubs not allow anyone with darker skin in. They will just make up reasons that they can't come in. But this is not common. I have also personally seen someone asked if they were an illegal immigrant. There are definitely underlying tensions here. - May 9, 2010
Overall, there don't seem to be any problems. However, there seem to be underlying racial tensions with immigrants. - Apr 4, 2009
Not that I'm aware of. - Mar 26, 2008