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Can you save money?

Absolutely. Despite what you read in other people's posts here, Micronesia is very inexpensive if you aren't travelling on your own dime all the time or eating imported lamb several times a week. There's nothing to spend your money on here, so one could save as much as one wanted. Now, if you have pouch access you can shop online, and then... well, that's not related to living in Micronesia. Life here is cheap - the Micronesians live on a few thousand dollars a year. - Feb 7, 2013
Yes, if you do not travel at your own expense off the island and have brought most of what you need in with a consumables shipment. Otherwise, it is expensive here to try to maintain the lifestyle you may want. Food in local restaurants is rather cheap compared to the U.S., though the quality is not great (edible fare, but bland). - Apr 1, 2008