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What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

Well-educated people, safety, low prices, beautiful nature. - Jun 16, 2017
Cleanness, safety, well-functioning, eco-friendly. - Sep 7, 2016
Estonia is quite culturally unique. Weather is not bad, but the winter is a reason NOT to live in Estonia. - Jan 28, 2013
You can experience the White Nights in the summer. Tallinn is a UNESCO heritage site with lots of great old buildings to see. - Oct 28, 2012
Estonia is a beautiful country with four seasons, it is clean and safe, not too big, great for touring, and not too expensive. - Oct 6, 2012
Estonia is a beautiful country with rich culture and history. You might not save too much money here, and the weather will be hard during the winter, but pollution and crime are non-issues. Housing is not glamorous, but comfortable, nature abundant, and the Gulf of Finland is a nice body of water to gaze upon. - Sep 8, 2010