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What typical restaurants, food delivery services, and/or takeout options are popular among expatriates?

Local food relies heavily on fish, pork and cabbage. There are a variety of international restaurants, and there are delivery services such as Wolt. The variety has been increasing, and vegetarian options are starting to become available. - Jun 16, 2017
Very standard restaurants: pizza, burgers, Italian, Estonia/Scandinavian etc. Can get decent sushi. McDonalds and Subway are here, of that's your thing. Some very good, high-end places too. - Sep 7, 2016
McDonald's is here, as well as the Finnish equivalent, Hesburger. Prices are similar to the U.S. - Jan 28, 2013
A meal at McDonalds costs about 6 Euro. There are definitely lots of decent restaurants available, though fewer with ethnic cuisine like Mexican or Asian. Steakhouses are expensive and pizza isn't great, but it is available. Restaurants are more expensive closer to Old Town. - Oct 28, 2012
Fast food is not prevalent, but the ones that do exist are very affordable. Other restaurants are prolific and delicious, and there are some that aren't too expensive. - Oct 6, 2012
There are many nice restaurants around Old Town and beyond. Grab a guidebook. There are also cafes and less formal places to grab a bite. If you find yourself in Pärnu, a nice beach town 2 hours south of Tallinn, do NOT go to the Mexican restaurant on the main road to the beach. You'll know you're in the right (wrong) place if they have a kids play zone (complete with luring ball pit and slide!) and you had to park across the street. - Sep 8, 2010
McDonald's. - Aug 9, 2009