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Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

There are lizards all over the compound. I've never seen them inside our home but they seem to keep bugs away. Ants can occasionally be a problem and a couple of centipedes always make their way into the home. - Aug 20, 2017
There are lots of bugs here! Like most African countries, malaria is an issue here. However, the Embassy housing is well sealed, and I have never seen a mosquito inside the house. Free tests and treatment are available through an American-run NGO on the island. Within the city, we usually don't notice a huge amount of bugs or mosquitoes. The biggest nuisance are the ants. They come into the pantries during the dry season, and like to sneak up and bite your feet if you accidentally step on one. - Sep 7, 2014
Malarial mosquitoes. - Jun 15, 2012