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How would you describe the availability and cost of groceries and household supplies relative to your home country?

Most products are imported and are more expensive than in the U.S. but most everything we need can be purchased locally. The juice is not good here in our opinion and the milk is UHT. This is a consumables post so ship your brand specific favorites including liquids since they cannot be received in the pouch. We ship dry products we prefer via Amazon Prime. - Aug 20, 2017
Availability of groceries has been increasing due to the larger numbers of expats. There are three main grocery stores that offer staples, including eggs, milk, and cheese. All meat comes frozen. There is not a diverse option of fruits and vegetables, and there is also a lack of consistency about what is available at a shop on any given day. However, if you go to enough stores, you can usually find something close to what you are looking for. There is a high COLA here for a reason. Almost everything is imported and comes at a high cost. Especially items like cheese, meat, and surprisingly, pineapple! - Sep 7, 2014
The three “major” grocery stores have mostly everything you need, but hardly anything you want. Sending consumables makes living here much more comfortable. - Jun 15, 2012