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San Salvador

What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

Spices, clothing for adults and kids. Take advantage of your trips to the US to buy clothes. - Nov 22, 2017
Lite microwave popcorn, sourdough pretzels and tampons. - Jul 14, 2016
Olive oil, paper products (napkins, toilet paper, paper towels), and a good gas grill as it is grilling weather pretty much every day. - Dec 8, 2015
Chocolate chips. - Jun 9, 2015
Cereal and brown sugar. Brown sugar is not available here and cereal is very expensive and is somewhat limited to very sugary options. Many people order flour and sugar from the States although versions of both are available here they just tend to be less refined. - Mar 23, 2015
Nothing I was able to get everything there or through Amazon. - Oct 29, 2014
Hair products. - Jul 8, 2014
real vanilla extract, spices, brown sugar, any veggie/vegan food that can be shipped, toiletries, and children's books - Jul 15, 2011
I would bring as many frozen USDA American corn-fed rib-eyes, skirt steaks, NY strips, hanger steaks, flank steaks, and standing rib roasts as I could humanly fit on the plane. You also can't get lemons, orzo pasta, puff pastry, Kikkoman soy sauce, lemon olive oil, ant killer, backyard mosquito spray, Swiffer dusters, good furniture polish, makeup in any shade other than bronze goddess, cold-weather fabrics, and many craft supplies. The secret to El Salvador is that many things are available, even dry ice, you just need to know where to look. Which, unless you have a Salvadoran insider, you won't. - May 21, 2010
Diet Dr. Pepper!!! Cosmetics are expensive here so if you can't order them online, bring some with you. You can get most everything here. Buying clothes might be a challenge but you can have them made for cheap. - Feb 28, 2009