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San Salvador

What types of jobs do most expatriate spouses/partners have? Locally based or telecommuting? Full-time or part-time? Can you comment on local salary scales?

None at the moment with the US embassy. A few are teaching but salaries are extremely low. - Nov 22, 2017
Most spouses keep their jobs (i.e. telecommute), work in the Embassy or teach. The local salaries would be far below what someone from the U.S. would expect. - Jul 14, 2016
Decent, yes. Well-paying, no. There is a chronic skill-set shortage in the country (brain drain because of the security situation), but the labor costs here are very low. Good for keeping a resume up to date, not a lucrative move financially. - Dec 8, 2015
Not really. Well, there are some good jobs but they pay very little. There are many good schools if you are a teacher. - Jun 9, 2015
No. - Mar 23, 2015
A few people got good jobs in the community, though most people worked at the Embassy. EFMs were generally happy. - Oct 29, 2014
NO. - Jul 8, 2014
There aren't many jobs in the embassy and most are admin-focused. There are local NGOs that may hire or would appreciate volunteer help. - Jul 15, 2011
Do not come here expecting a job of any kind. The embassy says that they have plenty of jobs for family members, but that's not exactly true. Because of the economic differential between the US and El Salvador, you can hire three Salvadorans for what it costs to hire one American. Jobs are written with language requirements so high that only locals qualify. What few jobs are leftover for spouses are administrative at best. Working on the local economy is really only possible if you are natively fluent in Spanish, and you would be extremely lucky to land a job making $15,000 a year. There is so little work for spouses here it was even suggested that I get to work starting a family instead. If you don't have kids and don't want to any time soon, bring a time-consuming hobby if your spouse will be working all day. - May 21, 2010
No. Teachers can get jobs fairly easily, but if you get hired at local rates you'll think twice. Working without Spanish will be almost impossible. There are a few positions at the embassy, but there are a lot of spouses here that do not work and wish they could. - Feb 28, 2009