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What is your home city/country? How long is the trip to post from there, with what connections?

Washington, DC. Most of the time you connect through Europe. There are a variety of flights from Cairo to most major European cities (Paris, London, Frankfurt, etc) and then you fly on from there. Expect about 16 hrs+ travel time depending on how long your connection is. - Jan 3, 2018
Washington, DC. It takes anywhere from 18 - 24 hours of travel time to get from Cairo to Washington, depending on connections. The U.S. government contract fare currently is with Delta/Air France and connects in Paris. - Sep 9, 2017
Washington, DC. - May 25, 2017
UK. Connections via Heathrow, Frankfurt, Istanbul. It takes four hours to get to Heathrow direct. - May 16, 2017
East Coast US; it took three flights until they added in some direct flights from Europe to my home city toward the end of our posting. While we were there, there was one direct flight from Cairo to New York on Egypt Air (US Gov't wouldn't pay for it, but we took it when paying on our own) and otherwise we had to connect in Europe. There were usually multiple options daily on several different airlines; about a 5 hour flight to Europe and then an 8 hour flight to the US. - Jan 30, 2016
Homebase is U.S. Various carriers fly from Cairo to US with one connection in Europe (Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris, etc...) - Jan 29, 2016
East coast of the USA. Most flights connect through Frankfurt or Paris. - Jan 29, 2016
Vermont, USA. From DC, the connection is in Germany to go to Cairo. 24 hours door-to-door for us. - Oct 8, 2014
Our home base is the southwest United States. We fly through Europe on our way home. - Aug 19, 2014
East Coast...must connect through Frankfurt. Total trip= 20 hours. - Aug 19, 2014
Oregon - not sure, haven't gone yet! guessing very long! - May 28, 2014
Washington, DC: 12-16 hours flight; connection in Europe. - Apr 2, 2014
Washington DC; about 12 to 15 hours door-to-door. - Mar 27, 2014
Washington, D.C. About a 18-20 hours depending on your connecting flight. - Jul 23, 2013
Washington DC. About 16-18 hours via a connection in Frankfurt or London. - Jul 17, 2013
Washington, DC. About 12-14 hours, depending on connections through Europe. - Jun 16, 2013
Washington, D.C. The trip is between 14 and 16 hours with 1 connection. - Jun 7, 2013
California is home base and it is a minimum of a 17-hour trip. You have to connect in, Frankfurt, Amsterdam or London. Egypt Air operates one (mostly daily) direct flight to New York. - May 22, 2013
DC is a 12 to 14 hour flight. - May 12, 2013
We still live overseas, but home base would be New York, I guess. - May 12, 2013
US East Coast. Trip is typically 4 hours to Germany, 8 to the east coast, then a short hop (1 hour) to my family's area. Husband's side is in Texas, which ends up being about 30 hours of travel. - Feb 1, 2013
Cairo to London is about 4.5 hours; I think NYC is about 12 hours. - Feb 14, 2013
D.C., 14 hours via Frankfurt - Mar 26, 2013
USA. 12 hours, transiting Frankfurt - Feb 13, 2013
Woodbridge, VA - 13 hours - Nov 27, 2012
Richmond, VA, US16 hours or so.12 1/2 hour direct flight Cairo to NYC, then a commuter flight to Richmond. Or, Cairo to Frankfurt. Overnight in Frankfurt, then Frankfurt to DC and drive to Richmond. - Sep 20, 2011
From Washington, DC, 14 hours, connect in Frankfurt, or non-stop from NY - Aug 4, 2011
Washington, DC to Cairo is about 14 hours with an intermittent stop in either New York or Europe. - Aug 4, 2011
Washington or New York. You have to connect in Europe, so about 4 hours to the connection (Rome, Paris, Frankfurt) and seven or eight to the US East coast. Since the revolution in January 2011 there are no direct flights, but once demand picks up it is likely that airlines will return to their former schedules, which included direct flights to New York and DC. The direct flights took about 12 hours from Cairo and about 10.5 to Cairo. - Jul 19, 2011
We were based in Washington, D.C. before arrival at post. We took United Airlines to London for a layover which is required by Government policy. The flight was 9 hours and enjoyable. We then took an British Midlands to Cairo which was a four hour flight and decent. - Jun 5, 2011
From U.S. east coast, expect about 14 hours of travel time. I recommend a rest stop in Europe, like Frankfurt, Paris, or Amsterdam. U.S. Airways also flies to Athens from Philadelphia. - Sep 22, 2010
Tulsa, OK.27 hours. Cairo to JFK. JFK to Atlanta. Atlanta to Tulsa. - Jun 26, 2010
There are frequent flights to Washington, DC via Frankfurt and Paris with a travel time of approximately 15 hours, including layovers. In addition, there are direct flights on Delta and Egypt Air between Cairo and New York, although they are not recommended because tnhe planes used are not comfortable for a long trans-Atlantic flight. - Dec 2, 2009