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How do you send and receive your letters and package mail? Are local postal facilities adequate?

I have not tried the local mail system. We simply use the US embassy mail system. Mail takes anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months, but a month is common. Currently mail is only delivered every 2 weeks and comes in on military plane from Europe. - Jan 3, 2018
We have an APO (U.S. military mail) within the embassy and that's what pretty much everyone used for letters and packages. I never heard of anyone using the local Egyptian mail system. - Sep 9, 2017
I used embassy mail facilities to send things home. International mail is possible via the Egyptian postal service, but it seemed to take a long time to reach the U.S. International courier services (FedEx, DHL) operate in Egypt. - May 25, 2017
Postal services are dire. I do it through work. - May 16, 2017
We used the US embassy mail. Our first year it took about a week, but the second year was substantially slowed due to various problems. - Jan 30, 2016
The Embassy has an APO - Jan 29, 2016
APO, we love you! - Oct 8, 2014
APO. - Aug 19, 2014
Embassy DPO, but FedEx and UPS are available and will pick up. - Aug 19, 2014
APO - May 28, 2014
APO. - Apr 2, 2014
Embassy APO. - Mar 27, 2014
APO. - Jul 23, 2013
APO - Jul 17, 2013
Embassy APO post office. - Jun 16, 2013
As an Embassy employee, through APO. - Jun 7, 2013
I use the APO for mail. Packages take two to three weeks. - May 22, 2013
APO - two to three weeks. - May 12, 2013
We have APO, but people not with an embassy do have problems. Not sure how they manage. - May 12, 2013
USG personnel have access to the APO system, making mail here easy (though sometimes a bit slow). - Feb 1, 2013
You can use international mail, some embassies rely on the diplomatic pouch, and the U.S. has an APO here. - Feb 14, 2013
APO. It takes as long as three weeks sometimes. - Mar 31, 2013
Post is serviced by APO. - Mar 26, 2013
APO. - Feb 13, 2013
APO at Embassy. - Jan 18, 2013
We have an APO with an office in Garden City (where the Embassy is) and in Maadi at USAID. - Nov 27, 2012
Through the APO at the US Embassy. DHL is available. - Sep 20, 2011
via APO - Aug 4, 2011
Access to APO - Aug 4, 2011
Egyptian mail is ok for letters going and coming from abroad, but do not use it for anything internal. They have a good express mail service for overseas mail. I used to receive letter mail from the US in about 10 days. Do not try to receive packages. Duty on most items is 100% and picking them up from the post office is never a good experience. Many employers offer some kind of pouch service as well. - Jul 19, 2011
Through the diplomatic pouch system. You can ship from the States, too, using APO (Embassy only). - Jun 5, 2011
APO. - Jun 26, 2010
APO - Dec 2, 2009