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Are local sports classes and/or activities available for kids?

Maadi House has swimming lessons, tennis, tae kwon do, and archery (and maybe others). Osana Family Wellness offers some kid activities. CSA does ballet, gymnastics and Tae Kwon Do. There are also music classes around. CAC does many after school activities. - Jan 3, 2018
Yes, if you're not picky about which ones. We were not able to locate a good gymnastics program, for example, but soccer was great. - Jan 30, 2016
Through the school - Jan 29, 2016
Yes! Our kids play soccer and baseball, and there are other sports programs as well. Swimming is huge here. - Oct 8, 2014
There are a lot of sports available at our club such as tennis, soccer, gymnastics, fencing, karate, swimming, diving, etc. - Aug 19, 2014
Through the school, many private programs (Wadi Digla) and community baseball for kids and adults. - Aug 19, 2014
Yes, through schools as well as many clubs - including "country clubs" that you can join. - May 28, 2014
Through CAC. - Mar 27, 2014
Yes, same as you get in America for the same prices. All are in Maadi. - Jul 23, 2013
There are some programs via Maadi House (the U.S. Club), but as the western presence draws down, these will be harder to find. - Jul 17, 2013
Yes, the Maadi House, near where most of the families live, has dozens of sports programs. - Jun 7, 2013
Yes, most are through Cairo American College. - May 22, 2013
Yes. After-school programs are good. A kids' baseball league is available. - May 12, 2013
Absolutely. There are plenty of activities for kids. - May 12, 2013
Sports programs are available through the schools. (For adults, there is an active softball league, a runners club, two clubs for bikers - road and mountain - a rugby club, and a hash-hound-harriers group, to name a few.) - Feb 1, 2013
Yes. Cairo American College runs Little League baseball and soccer, among other things. - Feb 14, 2013
There are some available via the school and Maadi house. - Mar 31, 2013
Our kids are enrolled in a number of after-school activities, including soccer. - Mar 26, 2013
Yes. - Feb 13, 2013
Yes, via CSA, school, private groups and the Maadi House. - Nov 27, 2012
Yes, through CAC and other international schools. None for kids under 5 that I saw.... - Sep 20, 2011
Yes. Don't expect American football, but a wide variety of sports are available, mostly through the schools. - Aug 4, 2011
Yes, through the schools, sporting clubs and missions. - Aug 4, 2011
There are sports available through just about all of the schools -- soccer, swimming, and track at a minimum. Also there is a soccer league and a t-ball league in the Maadi neighborhood regardless of the school you kids attend or where you live. There is also a softball league for adult men and women and a rugby league for kids and adults. - Jul 19, 2011
Yes, mostly through the school. There are leagues for Rugby and soccer. Sporting clubs are also popular. - Jun 5, 2011
Yes, through the school. There are several amusement parks around Cairo. - Sep 22, 2010
Plenty of opportunities for kids. But you need to expect late and lazy teachers. - Jun 26, 2010