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What is the availability of international schools? What has been your general experience with them, if any?

There's QSI Dili for those who want an American curriculum and schedule, or Dili International School for those who are looking for the IB curriculum and a southern hemisphere calendar. My two children attend QSI (grade 5 and grade 10 this year). It's a very small school (less than 100 students from pre-K to upper school) with basic facilities but a good heart. QSI schools use a subject masteries program, which has been fine for my son and daughter, but they just cannot compete with international schools at other posts when it comes to facilities and opportunities to compete in sports or academic programs. The high school has fewer than 10 students currently, so it's impossible to sustain sports teams of any kind. - Sep 26, 2017
There is a good Quality Schools International that runs on the Masteries program. It is a very small school but the staff has been really great. It can be challenging for older kids as the amount of kids their age is quite small. The student to teacher ratio is great. Our 9th grader has done well but has struggled some with the amount of kids and things to do. He really misses having organized sports which is one reason we won't extend. Overall we are happy with the school though. - May 30, 2017
There are several international schools. The largest is the Portuguese school, which is a Portuguese-medium school with nearly 800 students, most of them Timorese, but also with Portuguese-speaking expats. There are three English-medium international schools, one based on a Filipino curriculum, one based on Australian curriculum (DIS) and one based on an American curriculum (QSI). Among the English-medium international schools, the biggest is the DIS, which runs from primary to secondary. - Sep 30, 2016
QSI, very small and personal, fine for elementary level. Some wonderful teachers! - Nov 21, 2013
There are 2 schools here. QSI Dili follows the American calendar and curriculum and offers grades K-8. As of fall 2013 they will only offer grades 9-12 via a virtual high school program. Our 2 children attend QSI and we are very happy with its small class sizes and very dedicated staff. It's a small school with approx 75 students this year (2012-2013). They offer limited after-school activities and no formal sports activities. The second school is DIS and follows the Australian calendar and curriculum. They offer K-8 with a virtual high school program as well. I have only limited knowledge of this school. It has a larger student body and larger class sizes but is able to offer more diverse after school activities. - Apr 25, 2013
There are two international schools here in Dili: QSI (preschool through high school) and DIS (preschool through middle school, homestudy high school). - Mar 12, 2010
There are two international schools here in Dili. QSI (preschool through high school) and DIS (preschool through middle school homestudy high school)Both schools are adequate but very expensive for what you get. Both schools are expanding their classrooms. QSI is also upgrading it's playground. - Feb 23, 2010