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What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

The U.S. embassy has a decent gym and there's a really nice one at the housing compound we live on, but only one or two others in town that I know of. - Sep 26, 2017
There are some gyms in town. We use the Embassy gym and the one at our housing compound. Our pool/playground/tennis courts/gym at the Embassy are a blessing. The facilities at our housing compound are great too. - May 30, 2017
The beach, the sea and the hills are my gym, like it is for many Timorese, but if you prefer going to a gym there are several well-stocked gyms around town, some of which are in hotels and include pools. I'm not aware of the prices though. - Sep 30, 2016
At the U.S. Embassy and a few along the sea road too. - Nov 21, 2013
The embassy has a pretty good gym. A new public gym is set to open this fall. Rates unknown. - Apr 25, 2013
There are no real commercial gyms here. Most people just run on the beach/ beach front sidewalk. There is a great gym at the embassy for families of those who work for the US gov. You can use it any time of the day. - Mar 12, 2010
There are no real gyms or fitness facilities in Dili. - Feb 23, 2010