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What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

Easy to find or they will find you if they know you're new in the neighborhood. Cost for a full time nanny or housekeeper is probably $250 to $300 per month. There are labor laws that limit the amount of hours you can hire a non-Timorese worker for so you have to be careful hiring someone freelance. Most people I know have found Timorese helpers through a local agency. - Sep 26, 2017
About 6 dollars per hour for help. There is a good selection of help available. - May 30, 2017
Available. I pay $20 a week for someone to come 1x week to clean house, wash my clothes and iron. Daily household help is available. You can hire someone to do just about anything. I also have a driver and gardener. Driver costs $3 hour, gardener just over a $1 hour. Some people use employment services such as Entrega Ba, which is quite reliable and handles work contracts. - Sep 30, 2016
Depends, help ranges from $300PM to $800PM. - Nov 21, 2013
Plentiful and inexpensive. All help is live-out. A full-time English-speaking Filipino nanny (5 days week) is about $400/month. A full-time Timorese housekeeper is approximately $200/month. A part-time Timorese gardener: $100/month. Most folks drive themselves, but a few also employ drivers. - Apr 25, 2013
Like I said before: super affordable and easy to tailor to fit. You want a housekeeper once a week great, every day, fine you got it! - Mar 12, 2010
Domestic help is used and afordable. If you hire local help the cost is around $100 a month Other domestic help is much more expensive. About $300 to $400 a month. - Feb 23, 2010