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Santo Domingo

What is your home city/country? How long is the trip to post from there, with what connections?

California, USA, 6-8 hours with a connection. - Nov 18, 2016
Just a 3 hour flight to New York. - Apr 28, 2016
Northern California, pretty long trip with a couple of connections. - Jan 28, 2016
Washington D.C., connections through New York and Florida. Several flight options. Tickets are not cheap. - Jan 19, 2016
Washington, DC....about a 4 hour flight total...not bad. - Aug 10, 2015
All over, direct flights to the U.S. In 5 hours or less. - Aug 2, 2015
DC area; it takes about 6-7 hours to get to Santo Domingo either through NY's JFK, NJ's Newark Airport, Atlanta or FL (Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando). - Aug 25, 2014
Our home base is the DC area. Unfortunately, you can't fly direct -- a stop in Miami, Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, Atlanta, or other city is required. - Jul 14, 2013
Ohio. It takes about seven hours with a connection through New York or New Jersey. - Apr 30, 2013
California. There are several connections, and it is a full-day trip. Flying out of Santo Domingo, you will always have to connect through Miami, Atlanta, or New York. Expect layovers. - Apr 29, 2013
There are always easy connections to the US through Miami. - Jan 24, 2013
Numerous flights available to Miami, NY, NJ, ATL, Boston. It's easy to get to the States. - Jun 4, 2012
CT, direct flights from Boston and NYC, about 4.5 hours. - Mar 13, 2012
Colorado. Connection through Miami. Total flight time takes about seven hours, not including layovers which can be long when going to the West coast. - Feb 22, 2012
Sacramento, California - Feb 12, 2012
Boulder CO, 7 hours to Miami, then 5 hours to Santo Domingo - Oct 5, 2011
If you fly from D.C., there is a stop (San Jan, Miami, Atlanta). Coming from NY or NJ, there are direct flights. To go to the west coast is a full day of travel and usually at least 2 stops. Those flights are VERY pricey. - Jun 21, 2011
Washington, DC 6-7 hour trip with a layover in Miami - May 21, 2011
DC, 500USD flight to SDO - Nov 10, 2010
Washington, DC.5 hour trip via Miami. - Aug 11, 2010
It is about a 2-hour flight from Miami. - Jun 29, 2010