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Santo Domingo

What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

Big boxes, Crossfit, many other specialty gyms, all reasonably priced. - Nov 18, 2016
Lots of decent gyms at various price points. - Apr 28, 2016
Yes, plenty. There are private clubs that offer diplomatic discounts and they are really affordable, otherwise private gyms like Gold's and Body Shop are popular and prices are similar to in the U.S. - Jan 28, 2016
Yes, lots. US$50 a month and more. - Jan 19, 2016
Yes. There is one at the Embassy. There is a Golds Gym, Body Shop...all about U.S. prices. - Aug 10, 2015
About U.S. pricing, many available with classes, etc. cross fit, yoga, etc. - Aug 2, 2015
Yes, they are plentiful but more expensive than the U.S. - Aug 25, 2014
Yes, there are some nice gyms. - Jul 14, 2013
Yes. People seem to like the Body Shop. - Apr 30, 2013
Yes. They are not up to U.S. standards but the new embassy compound should have a decent gym. - Apr 29, 2013
Lots of options. - Jan 24, 2013
All over the place. Body Shop is awesome. - Jun 9, 2012
The GSO compound has a small gym. Local gyms are available, but everyone tries to go between 5-7pm so traffic getting there is terrible. - Jun 4, 2012
The embassy has a small gym and a pool open to the Mission community. There are many gyms and athletic clubs all over the city. - Mar 13, 2012
Yes, readily available, many options. - Feb 22, 2012
yes - Feb 12, 2012
Yes. the embassy has a small gym - Oct 5, 2011
Yes, the Embassy has a small gym. Many people use "the body shop". I think it's fairly expensive but some places offer discounts. - Jun 21, 2011
Yes, but they seem to be priced just like they are in the U.S. - May 21, 2011
yes, two big gyms bodyshop and golds - Nov 10, 2010
There are gyms, but due to traffic conditions, they are very hard to get to. - Aug 11, 2010
We live near "the Body Shop" which is a pretty large and is a nice, modern facility with nice equipment. It is expensive. - Jun 29, 2010
Some, but be sure to read the fine print. - May 13, 2009