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Santo Domingo

Pollution index (Good, Moderate, Unhealthy, or Very Unhealthy)?

It is only poor during rush hour in the city. - May 13, 2009
High, but being next to an ocean and having two major parks (called the lungs of the city) help the air quality considerably. - Nov 24, 2008
Unhealthy air because of unregulated car exhaust, constant use of diesel generators, etc. Pollution in environment causes problems with rats, cockroaches, polluted water sources, sicknesses, etc. - Oct 19, 2008
Moderate/Unhealthy. - Aug 21, 2008
Moderate. Some say unhealthy, but I haven't had a problem. - Aug 19, 2008
Very, very unhealthy. Aside from the tremendous pollution - cars, industry, burning and/or widely scattered trash, mold is a significant health concern. The city of Haina, located quite close to the capital, has been noted by CNN to be one of the 5 most polluted cities in the world (largely by contamination from lead). - Jun 8, 2008
Unhealthy. Buses and generators emit an enormous amount of black smoke. - Feb 11, 2008