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Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

Stomach bugs and respiratory ailments go around regularly. I developed allergies to the dust and dryness. Local medical care is mediocre, at best. We use the Embassy Health Unit and, if needed, Camp can assist with limited services. There is a new clinic that opened and seems promising, but otherwise, preventive care is king. Get lots of rest, drink lots of fluids, stay active, and keep your Imodium handy. - Jun 14, 2016
There is a French hospital. The US Embassy also has a good team in its health unit for embassy families. - Feb 28, 2013
Malaria is present in Djibouti, so MED recommends that you take the medicine. Medical care is limited. The embassy does have an RN who can distribute meds, but for anything more serious you have to go to either the French hospital or Camp Lemonnier. - Apr 13, 2010
Very limited medical care. There is a French hospital which I fortunately never needed to use. Their Emergency room had limited hours and we had to get - Aug 15, 2008
Very HOT! Health care is very bad. - Apr 1, 2008