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What English-language religious services are available locally?

Camp has weekly religious services. The local Catholic services might be in French or English, too. - Jun 14, 2016
Catholic and the base has a lot of others. - Aug 14, 2015
The Roman Catholic church incorporates English in its Thursday evening mass. The Protestant church tries to incorporate some English into its Sunday evening services. The only other groups I know that worship in English are at Camp Lemonnier (Americans can attend these). - Feb 28, 2013
Camp Lemonnier has a chapel with many services, all in English. - Apr 13, 2010
There were church services for Americans on the military base. Otherwise, I think the services tended to be in French. For Christians, there is a French Catholic Diocese as well as Ethiopian Protestent/ Orthodox services. - Aug 15, 2008
Yes. - Apr 1, 2008