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What kinds of organic, vegetarian and allergy-friendly foods are available, such as organic produce, gluten-free products, meat substitutes for vegetarians, etc? milk is widely available though. - May 21, 2012
None that I was aware of. You can buy local vegetables and fruit, but it all must be bleached prior to consumption. - Feb 13, 2012
Are you kidding? This is Kinshasa. - Nov 13, 2011
Lots of local vegetables. Gluten-free you will have to ship in. If you have such major health issues or life-style choices, this might not be the place for you. Congo will not be able to accommodate your needs. - Jan 19, 2011
Special diets will take more effort to accomodate. Vegetables are plentiful, but if you can order using internet, that's the most reliable. - Oct 16, 2010