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Are local sports classes and/or activities available for kids?

Dance, yoga, TASOK has some school sports I believe, Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts. - Dec 21, 2017
Lots of after school activities and things for school age kids to do. - Mar 2, 2017
Through the schools. Portuguese school had a very good soccer program. Hellenic Center had tennis lessons, along with Greek lessons! - Sep 26, 2016
Most school have some sports programs, but I'm not familiar with most. I know my daughter's school has karate and soccer (football here). - Apr 26, 2016
TASOK offers a number of sports programs and there are numerous private lessons and clubs as well. Horseback riding/stables are expensive but available and good at the Cercle Hippique de Kinshasa. - Jan 6, 2014
For older kids, yes. Younger kids, it's mainly swimming and whatever private lessons you might do (horseback riding, tennis). - Nov 24, 2012
Yes. - May 21, 2012
Probably at TASOK (the American school)...but I would assume it would be pretty limited. - Feb 13, 2012
Yes - Aug 4, 2011
There are some programs through the schools. - Jan 19, 2011
Sure. There are martial arts, horse riding, swimming, tennis, soccer, whatever. - Oct 16, 2010
I've heard of kids taking lessons in horseback riding, tennis, swimming, dancing and gymnastics. - Jan 21, 2009