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What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

The best things about visiting Cuba are: walking in a beautiful, atmospheric, and unexpectedly large old town, and going to the beach. The best things about living in Cuba are some of the things Cuba lacks as a post: no or little pollution, traffic, crime or terrorism. There is also skilled and inexpensive household help available. - Jan 2, 2016
You can absolutely save money, unless you travel frequently. The pace of life is very relaxed. Most Americans work about 40 hours per week, which is more by far than every other expat group. The weather is lovely if you like warm, tropical climates. Although decaying, Havana is a very beautiful city. - May 4, 2014
Very affordable househelp and lessons in almost anything you can imagine, mild weather November through April, natural beauty in the mountains and coasts, cigars and rum if that's your thing, You can save money if you go without and stay on island (thoguh I don't recommend the latter). - Aug 14, 2013
Safe, Socio-politically interesting, ability to save money. - Jul 9, 2011