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This is the safest place I've ever lived. My iPhone was returned to me when I left it in a restaurant. I regularly leave my purse in the stroller and walk away from it to chase my kids at the park. - Apr 8, 2016
Not really. Zagreb is super safe with very little crime that affects diplomats. Biggest concern I had was with traffic - either avoiding getting run over as a pedestrian or not hitting pedestrians while driving when they stepped out onto busy streets without looking. - Aug 5, 2014
None, a completely safe place to live and travel. Not even pickpockets are a problem here. You rarely hear about crimes and feel completely safe on public transportation or downtown even in the late nights. - Jun 16, 2014
Nothing that any other city doesn't have but I would consider it safer than most. Being that most people here are highly religious (and not in a fake way), the day to day people you interact with are generally VERY honest. - Feb 18, 2014
No. Zagreb has got to be up there with the safest places in the world. One very rarely hears of crimes. My wife felt perfectly safe walking around alone anywhere in the city, even at night. - Jan 25, 2012
Very safe place, one of the MOST safe places in the world. - Dec 16, 2011
None at all other than some house break-ins. - Oct 16, 2010
None. I've walked around alone at night and seen other women also walking alone, and feel very safe. Local friends allow their children to walk a few blocks alone at night, too. Very safe. - Mar 23, 2009
Zagreb is still a very safe city. The country was shocked because of two major violent episodes this fall, both connected with organized crime. Still, Croatian children walk to school alone and walk back even if it is dark outside, and it is common to see women out on their own even late at night, coming home from the bus stops. - Mar 2, 2009