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Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

Croatia is working on acceptance of LGBT issues, but has a ways to go. There is quite an active LGBT population here, and they are visible in the city. That said, Croatia being a predominantly Catholic country, many people still face discrimination due to sexual orientation, even as expats. - Apr 8, 2016
A qualified yes. Croatia is still a fairly conservative country so it is certainly true that significant segments of the population are not accepting of LGBT lifestyles, especially in the more rural parts of the country. That being said, harassment or violence against LGBT individuals are generally isolated incidents, and are not condoned or facilitated by the government. Croatia just passed civil partnership legislation that gives LGBT couples most of the rights/advantages of heterosexual married couples. Pride parades take place in Zagreb and Split and have been without incident the last couple of years, and the Milanovic government is strongly on the record in supporting equal treatment for LGBT individuals. - Aug 5, 2014
No. - Jun 16, 2014
As far as we know the Croatians are not very receptive of the LGBT community. A vote was held not long ago banning same-sex couples from getting married. Granted, the same things also go on back in the U.S. but we feel that the highly religious tendencies of the locals has made them less accepting of any people from an alternative lifestyle. - Feb 18, 2014
It's not a terribly progressive country, but it seems to be pretty good in this regard. - Jan 25, 2012
I know several gay expats and they all seem to enjoy Zagreb. - Mar 23, 2009
I am not sure. I know some have made good friends, but at the same time the city can be a bit conservative and difficult. - Mar 2, 2009