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What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

Very, very similar to Virginia/Washington DC weather. But longer, grayer winters (November to April are dark, drizzly and cold with very little sunshine and a low cloud cover). Summers don't get as hot as Virgina/DC weather, and the humidity here is lower than on the East Coast of the US. Although summers don't get as hot, you do need A/C and we have found some public spaces don't have any A/C including, surprisingly, the school here. - Apr 8, 2016
Zagreb was comparable in many respects to some of the higher elevations in Arizona. Summers are hot with some humidity. Winters can be moderately cold with snow - my second winter had a lot of snow. - Aug 5, 2014
November to April is gray and rainy and some winters are pretty snowy. Last winter there were two really big storms and this year there was no snow at all. Spring and fall are lovely and summers are normally hot and in the 90's (F). The winters are foggy, wet and pretty depressing like all of central Europe in the winter. - Jun 16, 2014
We consider it VERY similar to DC. On most days you can look at an iOS or Android weather app and you will see both cities have very similar climates. - Feb 18, 2014
Four seasons. It snows a couple/few times in the winter with a few hot weeks in the summer, but is generally pretty mild. Winters can get a bit dreary with common grey skies. - Jan 25, 2012
It's awful, especially winter can be very depressing, very grey, foggy and cold. - Dec 16, 2011
Beautiful, colorful fall. Long, cold, snowy winter. Hot spring. Scorching summer. - Oct 16, 2010
Spring and summers are beautiful and mild. Locals claim it's humid mid-summer, but it's really nothing terrible at all. Winters are also mild--it snowed here maybe three times and never stuck around longer than 36 hours. - Mar 23, 2009
Warm/hot summers, winter can be very gray, with frequent rain fall and snow (not much accumulation in the city). - Mar 2, 2009