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Petty crimes in general. We have a phone pick-pocketed and two bicycles stolen near the consulate. - Aug 7, 2017
Petty theft is common in Chengdu, but violent crime is rare. If you are working for a foreign government, you might be treated with suspicion by local government authorities. There is growing hostility from the government towards foreign government workers or NGO workers, but so far, it hasn't affected personal lives too badly. - May 18, 2016
Chengdu is, for the most part, incredibly safe. It's a city of 14 million people and yet, if someone so much as pulls out a knife to threaten someone, its big news. I don't know if I've ever felt safer (crime-wise) in a city than in Chengdu. After all, you will never be more closely watched over than in China! - Aug 2, 2013
No violent crime to be concerned with, but rather pick-pocketing thefts, especially on the bus routes and crowded tourist spots. - May 4, 2013