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Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

Seems to be. I have never heard any anti-gay anything and among the expats there are plenty of like-minded people. - Oct 24, 2017
There's a semi-active gay scene here. The Chinese are fairly traditional in general, but they're not confrontational. You might run into some stares if you were to hold hands on the street, but probably nothing more than that. - Dec 3, 2015
I'd imagine probably not. - Jul 18, 2014
Yes. - Jun 19, 2013
Unknown. Those scenes are kept "underground" here and I haven't gone digging. - Aug 27, 2011
I am gay. There is a small but growing scene here. The government seems to be coming to grips with this and trying to figure out how to manage it - they don't seem to particularly want to suppress it, but they also don't want Beijing's image tarnished by lots of public cruising or bathhouse orgies. A cruisy park and bathhouse were both busted this summer. So far, the happy medium has been Destination, the nexus of gay nightlife in Beijing. A couple of new gay bars just opened, and I expect they will be successful. There isn't nearly as much gay culture here as other cities of Beijing's size, although there is a very big arts scene and I expect that the two may intersect at some point in the future, when there is more clarity from the local authorities on what is legally acceptable. - Jan 18, 2011
Used to be dreadful - a bit more open/less illegal now and there is a 'scene'. - Jan 26, 2010