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What are some interesting/fun things to do in the area? Can you recommend any “hidden gems"?

Go to the Beijinger and you will find more things than you can imagine after you have seen the typical landmarks. - Oct 24, 2017
Great bars in Sanlitun, fantastic hiking in the Jinshanling/Gubeikou sections of the Great Wall, amazing holes in the wall in the hutongs, best duck ever at Li Qun. - Dec 3, 2015
We don't get out THAT much... it is just such a pain with the traffic. Haven't visited all of the popular sites yet, so not sure about the hidden ones. - Apr 12, 2015
There are tons of shopping opportunities so if you like that, you'll have a good time. But, you must bargain hard and there are lots and lots of knocked-off products. Imported goods are better quality. China made products have even lower quality than those exported to the U.S. and that's really bad. I bought 3 pairs of shoes and within 2-6 months later, I threw them out for one reason or another. - Aug 17, 2014
Take a stroll or bike ride through the city's hutong areas where you can see vestiges of the old city remaining. Drive outside the city to some of the lesser known sections of the wall and to some beautiful national parks like Longqing Gorge. Definitely ice chair skate on the city's frozen lakes in the winter months. - Jul 18, 2014
The Great Wall is a day trip. There are lovely parks. Hutongs fulls of hipster shops and restaurants. - Jun 19, 2013
Visiting any of the historic/cultural sites: palaces, temples, the Great Wall. Shopping at the Dirt Market. - Aug 27, 2011
Get lost in the old city - Apr 7, 2011
Great Wall, 798 Art Zone, the Summer Palace, Beijing's many parks, the Forbidden City (which is worth seeing once or twice), Zhongguancun Electronics City, and ... honestly, my favorite thing to do here is to take the subway somewhere I have never been and just wander around. There is as much diversity to the neighborhoods here as there is in New York. It's a really incredible place and you'll never get bored if you have a sense of adventure. - Jan 18, 2011
Shop. Hike. Walk the Wall. Go out to eat. - Apr 29, 2010
Hiking in the mountains, visiting temples etc. - Jan 26, 2010