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What accommodations do schools make for special-needs kids?

I have 3 special needs kids. Overall, I've found the schools to be helpful with managing their needs. There are quite a few special needs kids at post. We have a clinic with English-speaking occupational therapists, speech therapists and physical therapists. We also have an English-speaking psychologist in the area. - Jul 18, 2014
I've heard the bigger schools like WAB and ISB can accomodate special needs kids. - Jun 19, 2013
My school works with ESL kids really well - Apr 7, 2011
China isn't a great place to be for someone with disabilities or special needs. - Jan 18, 2011
Very few. ISB cannot handle special-needs kids at all. WAB can handle the basics. There is an organization here that can help you figure out your options: Contact them before you come to see if they have any suggestions. - Apr 29, 2010
WAB has excellent support for special-needs students at all levels of the school and at most levels of need. Some schools do not take special needs students. It is better to assess this before you come. - Jan 26, 2010