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If you move here, you can leave behind your:

Stereotype of China. - Oct 24, 2017
Expensive electronics (you'll want to toss them after your time here) - Dec 3, 2015
Computers - but then again, who can live without his computer anymore. - Aug 17, 2014
Expectations of any type of warm, tropical Asian climate. Although it does get hot here, this definitely isn't the tropics. - Jul 18, 2014
sunblock - Jun 19, 2013
Sense of order, fairness, and logic. Expectations of good will or customer service. - Aug 27, 2011
...expectations of traffic rules, propriety, and preference for uncrowded places. - Jan 18, 2011
fondness for people who wait in lines and behave rationally behind the wheel of a car. - Apr 29, 2010
Clean lungs and books on Tibet. - Jan 26, 2010