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Quality pet care available (vets & kennels)?

This is a great place to adopt a pet, as there are many street puppies and kittens that need loving homes. We found a sweet and loving puppy that we will be taking with us. That being said, there is vet care but it doesn't live up to the US standard. Male dogs will have no problem with the neutering surgery, but female dogs have had some issues with their spaying surgery. Some Americans just wait until they return to the States to take care of these things. You can get all the vaccinations and micro-chipping that you need to travel with the pet. - Feb 2, 2011
Very bad. - Sep 8, 2012
Rudimentary. No kennels. - May 23, 2012
There are a couple vets around that are decent but they can only provide basic services at a reasonable price. - Feb 6, 2008