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Travel time and best routes to this city from Europe or the US:

There are direct flights from Boston to Praia with TACV (approx. 7 hrs.). Otherwise, people fly into Lisbon (usually with TAP) and then connect to Praia with TACV (approx. 11hrs w/ lay over). Dakar, Senegal is also another popular place to connect. Beware that most of the connecting flights have a reputation for being a black hole for luggage. - Sep 19, 2009
There is a direct weekly flight from Praia to Boston on TACV (usually twice weekly during high season) and that takes about 8 hours. It cannot be used by USG employees for official business as it does not qualify under Fly America Act. The best route is usually through Lisbon, Portugal but the total trip to US East Coast can take as much as 24 hours with connections. Another option is to fly via Dakar to either New York, Washington or Atlanta but many people have bad experiences with this due to cancelled flights, lost luggage, or layovers of over 12 hours. - Feb 6, 2008