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What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

Most people employ at least a part-time maid. Unemployment is high and local salaries low. We pay our maid about $350/month and she's amazing and reliable (this is a higher salary than most professionals on the local economy). Being able to speak a bit of creole is really helpful. - Dec 27, 2017
The cost of household help is embarrassingly affordable. An "empregada" who comes three times a week for 4-6 hours/day is paid around US$160 a month + social security benefits. Many empregadas are great cooks; ours cooks a couple lunches each week. Household help is easy to find due to high unemployment rates. The Embassy keeps a list of vetted household help. People typically employ help to upkeep pools, gardens, homes, and care for small children. - Oct 30, 2016
Our nanny costs US$88 per week plus 20% Social Security. She also cooks lunch for us everyday. We hired a cleaning lady two times per week for US$40. Good help is widely available and there is a good pool of maids in the embassy community. We don't have green space but a couple of houses hire a gardner/pool man. A couple of families have hired security guards. - May 18, 2014
Almost all expats have an "empregada" who cleans and/or cooks for them. We have a wonderful empregada who works 8-3 on Monday through Friday for about $250-$275 per month, including insurance and social security. She will stay longer for parties and helps with shopping, which is immensely important in the beginning if you do not feel comfortable with the local language. - Feb 2, 2011
Cheap and widely available. - Sep 8, 2012
Very inexpensive, $300 per month. We love ours. - May 23, 2012
Readily available and reasonably priced. The quality of work varies but those who work with USG families are outstanding. - Feb 6, 2008