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Phnom Penh

Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

It took the company a few weeks to show up at my house but once they got it installed, it's been fast enough for my needs. Many apartments come with internet already installed. - May 2, 2017
It's not really high speed but it is good enough for streaming. Cost varies but we paid $100 per month. - Oct 24, 2016
My internet was great. It was provided free by my apartment building, so I don't know the company or cost. - Feb 13, 2015
We use Ezeecom, it is pretty good, I can stream movies and video easily, though at peak times it can be slow. It goes out every once in a while but is usually back up after an hour or so. We pay US$175 a month for 4GB unlimited service. There are cheaper deals too though. - Aug 13, 2013
Internet cannot be described as high-speed here. Our 1 MB connection is almost $90/month, and it goes out occasionally. Things have gotten better since we arrived, but it still has a long way to go. The latest thing is to use 3G modems that take 3G cell signals and route them through your computer. These are cheap (maybe $20-$30/month, depending on usage, for a 1 MB connection), but I've heard mixed reviews. - Jan 16, 2012
Internet is pricey, for high speed internet through EZCom was around $100 per month. - Aug 9, 2011
Very expensive, at least $100 / month. - Aug 6, 2011
It was included in my rent, so I am not sure how much it was - but I know it is expensive - and the speed was not that good. - Oct 9, 2010
US$80 to $100 for a DSL line with some limit to capacity. See or The first has the best customer service, but slightly higher prices. The latter is a bit fly by night, avoiding taxes to reduce costs. Reasonable dial-up accounts and prepaid internet cards available. A few upscale locations have wireless available, but costs up to $5/hr. Most upscale hotels have internet available, but not usually included in the room costs; make sure to ask. - Feb 27, 2008