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Phnom Penh

What typical restaurants, food delivery services, and/or takeout options are popular among expatriates?

There are several websites which offer food delivery from most restaurants, and I believe a new food delivery phone app called Tesjor has been started but their offerings are still limited. About every cuisine imaginable (including sushi!) can be found here but you have to be careful. I make a practice of avoiding the "everything" restaurants. They have Khmer, Thai, Chinese, Italian, burgers, pizza, and usually none of it is very good. Stick with the restaurants which serve only one kind of cuisine and you'll probably be happier. - May 2, 2017
Everything and anything of varying quality but generally this is easy and cheap and there are many many great restaurants and bars in the Penh. - Oct 24, 2016
Burger King. Some Japanese restaurants. KFC. Normal to a bit higher than U.S./Japan prices. - May 18, 2015
Sadly, more Western fast food joints are popping up. BKK now has a Burger King, KFC, and Domino's Pizza. - Feb 13, 2015
There is KFC, Dairy Queen and Burger King. There are also several knock-off fast food places like Lucky Burger (McDonald's), Pizza Company (Pizza Hut) and Fatboys (Subway). All have prices similar to the U.S. You can also find just about any kind of food here for a reasonable price. And you can have pretty much anything you want delivered to your door (hot cup of coffee, pint of ice cream, a meal that is still hot). With all the choices available you'll find that you end up ordering in or going out more than you ever cook. - Aug 13, 2013
KFC is still the only major international fast-food chain, though I believe there are one or two Korean ones as well. There are local imitations. Of course, "real" local fast food can be found in markets, little restaurants, and street stalls. As has been mentioned here, Cambodian food is not quite as good as its neighbors, but it can grow on you if you give it a chance, try different things, and go beyond the obvious. Even if it doesn't grow on you, you will be spoiled for choice in terms of international cuisines. The choice is amazing for a city of this size. You can find virtually anything here, and prices tend to be reasonable. Many do delivery as well. Eating out (or ordering takeout) is definitely one of the pleasures of living here. We don't cook nearly as much as we used to in other places ... - Jan 16, 2012
KFC, Lucky burger (comparable to McDonald's) BBWorld (comparable to Burger King); Pizza Co. (comparable to Pizza Hut) and many great International restaurants. The cost range is inexpensive to U.S. prices - Aug 9, 2011
Restaurants are plentiful and home delivery is very popular. - Aug 6, 2011
There is a KFC, but I wouldn't eat there. There are a few local fast food places, and I REALLY wouldn't eat there. If you choose to do so, I doubt that a meal is more than $2. - Oct 9, 2010
Never think of fast food. I recall only one hamburger in 15 years here. There is too much good and cheap food from every cuisine here: Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Mexican, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, steaks, vegetarian, seafood, and, of course, great Khmer food with every permutation of fish, fresh and prepared vegetables, tons of fresh fruits, chicken, pork and beef, and a variety of spices. The main influences are Indian, Vietnamese, Thai and French cooking. Lots of local restaurants have a few extra staff on hand who will be happy to look after well-behaved kids. - Feb 27, 2008