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Phnom Penh

Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

Air quality isn't great but could be worse. Depends on your area. Traffic is terrifying and motor vehicle accidents cause many deaths and injuries. Routine medical care can be found here, but for anything serious you'll probably need to go to Bangkok. Dental care and physical therapy is also available--many Western practitioners have set up shop in Phnom Penh. - May 2, 2017
Dengue fever is a concern though less so in the city. Food handling is not always sanitary and I advise against eating street food. There is a Thai hospital that is pretty good and an internationally-staffed clinic but serious issues will usually require medical evacuation to Bangkok. Decent dental care is available. - Oct 24, 2016
Yes; malaria, dengue fever, chicken pox/measles, cholera, bird flu, infections, etc. Bad health care. Even the King goes to China for his medical checks. Middle class goes to Vietnam. Upper middle class to Thailand and the rich to Singapore/United States. The only time you'd visit an expensive/limited international clinic because of a life-threatening illness. To Calmette hospital for a traffic accident. Buy your medevac insurance!! - May 18, 2015
The healthcare system in Cambodia is very weak. You will likely travel to Bangkok or Singapore for almost anything beyond the common cold or a sprained ankle. Many people have tummy troubles (or worse) from the food, although I didn't personally. There's nothing else I can point to as a particular health concern. - Feb 13, 2015
Medical care isn't great, basic injuries can be treated here but most people go to Bangkok. - Aug 13, 2013
Yes - dengue is an issue, and there is some malaria in the provinces. Plenty of gastrointestinal stuff to go around as well, plus your usual assortment of tropical diseases. Riding a moto is also hazardous to your health. I've seen some pretty harrowing accidents. Medical care is pretty poor. You have to go to Bangkok or Singapore for serious stuff (or at least you *should* go there for serious stuff!) - Jan 16, 2012
Health care is very poor. Most people fly to Bangkok or Singapore. - Aug 6, 2011
Yes, dengue fever. Also, you don't want to get in a bad accident. There is a Thai hospital that is ok, and there is the SOS clinic for simple illnesses, however, for anything serious you will be headed to Bangkok or Singapore. - Oct 9, 2010
SOS and a few other clinics. Medivac to BKK or SIN for major cases is the norm. There is excellent medical and dental care in Bangkok at very good prices; almost 24 hours and 7 days a week. You do not wait for service/appointments. It's very affordable compared to the U.S. - Feb 27, 2008