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What is the typical dress code at work and in public places? Is formal dress ever required?

Dress at the U.S. embassy is generally business casual, except for specific positions. Formal dress is required for some events. - Nov 12, 2017
Casual in public, business or business casual at work. - Aug 20, 2015
Business to business casual, but summer-style since it is warm here. Open toe shoes for women are absolutely fine. No one wears panty hose. :) - Aug 8, 2009
Business casual and conservative. There are no dress codes for women, but you’ll see many women with skirts to their knees or longer (except when exercising). Flats are recommended rather than heels and you see many women wearing flip-flops for walking outside and changing to nicer shoes in the office. Outside of work, shorts, tshirts, and flip-flops or sneakers are the norm. - Oct 30, 2008