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How do you send and receive your letters and package mail? Are local postal facilities adequate?

We use the diplomatic pouch. I haven't tried local postal facilities. - Dec 13, 2017
Embassy uses the diplomatic pouch, which takes about three weeks. We know people outside the diplomatic community who have received packages through local mail at a post office box, but it must be unimaginably expensive. - May 21, 2016
Embassy is pouch only. Comes 1-2x/week and takes 2-4 weeks from the U.S. - Aug 8, 2015
We have a pouch. They recently switched which airline we use, so our mail has slowed down to once MAYBE twice a week. That's a struggle to get used to, but with a little planning you can have most things you need shipped to you. AMAZON! - Jan 16, 2015
The Embassy only has the pouch right now. - Jul 30, 2013
Embassy pouch. - Jul 8, 2013
What mail? - Apr 19, 2013
Shipping is complicated - it's best to check with government regulations based on your agency, but local mail and international mail is slow, irregular and governed by many laws. The embassy is trying to pursue a DPO, but currently, packages from the U.S. take 2-3 weeks, and there are many restrictions on liquids, electronics, etc.). - Nov 18, 2012
Pouch only. - Aug 6, 2010
You have to go to the Post Office and get a PO Box. It can be unreliable. - Jul 25, 2008
They don't have mail delivery, although there is DHL and other express services, it's pick-up at the post office. - Jun 18, 2008