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If you move here, you can leave behind your:

Winter clothes. - Dec 13, 2017
Sweaters and jackets, ski gear, love of a white Christmas. - May 21, 2016
White clothing, nice shoes. They will no longer resemble white after a few wears/washes and your shoes will be ruined from the uneven terrain and mud/dust. - Aug 8, 2015
Impatience, taste for luxuries, any white clothing. - Jun 9, 2015
Winter clothes, luxury cars, Western logic, and aversion to body odor. - Jul 8, 2013
Nice shoes, nice car, and high standards. - Apr 19, 2013
Cold weather clothes, luxury car, expensive jewelry, golf clubs, high heels, road rage, hopes of seeing African wildlife on safari (few exceptions) - Nov 18, 2012
cold weather clothing. - Aug 6, 2010
Winter jackets, but you might want to bring some long sleeve shirts. - Aug 3, 2008
Winter clothes, nice carpets, anything white (it won't be white for long!) - Jul 25, 2008
Gas grill. You can't get an American tank filled and you may not be able to find someone who can adapt your American system to the local (European) tanks. Besides, charcoal is abundant and cheap. Also, you won't need a heavy jacket unless you'll be traveling to/through Europe during the winter. - Jun 18, 2008