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Are credit cards widely accepted and safe to use locally? Are ATMs common and do you recommend using them? Are they safe to use?

We almost never use them, except to pull out cash at the embassy ATM or maybe OK at a hotel. It's a cash based economy and safer to use cash than a card. - Dec 13, 2017
Allegedly some of the expat-oriented grocery stores take them, but I wouldn't risk it. ATMs at major banks (including one at the embassy) are fine. - May 21, 2016
We only use cash here, which we get through the Embassy cashier. There are ATMs, but we haven't used them. - Aug 8, 2015
Don't count on it. Cash is king. - Jun 9, 2015
At one of the major grocery stores, (scimas) we've set up an account. We pay our bill once a month with our visa. That spares me having to carry a lot of cash consistently or worrying about their visa machine being down for the day. Marina also accepts credit cards. Mostly VISA, with a few MC, ATMS. Mostly a cash economy. - Jan 16, 2015
Credit cards can only be used at large operations, hotels, airport etc. There are a ton of ATMs and most work well if they match the program your card uses. - Jul 30, 2013
We always used cash. - Jul 8, 2013
I have used them at the hotels and banks without issue. - Apr 19, 2013
Credit cards are almost totally unheard of in hotels and restaurants, so be prepared to use cash everywhere, even if you're spending four days in a top-quality hotel (by Burkina Faso standards). In Ouagadougou, most ATMs are ok, just look for a 24/7 guard on duty outside and use a legitimate bank. Visa is much more common than Mastercard in terms of ATM access. - Nov 18, 2012
Don't even think of using them. - Aug 6, 2010
I generally do not use my credit card - the grocery store overcharged me once and I never used it there again. But I have used the ATM occasionally without too much trouble. - Jul 25, 2008
There is one ATM that takes MasterCard (Hotel Slendide) but beaucoup Visa ATMs all over the place. The big hotels and many of the restaurants take Visa. The biggest grocer, Marina, also takes Visa. As for the rest, look for a Visa sticker on the door. - Jun 18, 2008