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Bulgaria is sometimes frustrating because of the lost potential. This country could be a very nice place: the nature is beautiful, there are amazing historical sights located here, and Sofia is a compact city with interesting attractions. Unfortunately the locals like to complain without end, while at the same time maintaining a very destructive attitude i.e. polluting, not working very hard, telling foreigners continuously how bad their country is, etc. Knowing how blessed Bulgaria is to be an EU and NATO member, it's hard to see how people could be so ungrateful. Many countries in the region would give everything to join the EU.

So many times it's a pity to see what could be and what is. The general contempt of the people and the incredible incompetence and corruption of the government angers you. Seeing the worst potholes I've seen in any capital city in Europe, trash everywhere, stray dogs, people driving horse-drawn carriages in the middle of the city, and other annoyances really get to you. I guess that communism is hard to clean off, even after 20 years. The mentality of the people is one of entitlement, they believe the government should do everything and that they have zero obligations. It will take at least one or two future generations to change this mentality and for people to become positive engaged members of their own society. - Jun 3, 2011
Bulgaria is a really neat place. It's only 4 hrs drive from Greece. Maybe 5 to Turkey. A couple hours to Macedonia and Serbia from the capital, 6 hours to the Black Sea coast which is beautiful, and 4 hours to Romania. The Rila and Rhodope mountains are incredibly beautiful. Rose Fields are beautiful too. There are fortresses, colluseums and so much very very old history here. Very interesting mix of history & architecture. You can buy a 20-leva plane ticket to Holland from here on Wizzair! And 50-dollar flights to Italy are sometimes available. Also it's a 12-hour drive from here to Austria. - Oct 30, 2009
Bulgaria joined the European Union on January 2007 and is experiencing a huge economic boom seen most evidently in construction of buildings, malls and infrasture like highways. This is a very interesting time to live in this city and witness the incredible changes that seem to happen practically overnight. - Feb 9, 2008