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What have been the highlights of your time in this country? Best trips or experiences?

Rila Monastery, hot springs trips, caves, Black Sea beach, visits to Greece, hiking and skiing in the mountains, Roman ruins in downtown Sofia...Lots to choose from! - May 17, 2016
Traveling to the Black Sea, experiencing all the various cultures that have inhabited this land, just being in the nature. - Dec 18, 2014
In country not many, travel through Europe. - Nov 23, 2014
Sofia offers tons of indoor kiddo play areas. They are very nice and inexpensive. Great for parents with toddlers. Tap water is safe and tastes very good in here. - Aug 16, 2014
Visiting the Black Sea, beautiful monasteries, ancient history in the form of Roman amphitheaters, roads, mausoleums every time they dig it seems. - Jun 3, 2011